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  Foshan LXD Robotics Co.,Ltd.is an industrial robot system integrator and a professional manufacturer of industrial robot metal product surface treatment integrated system.
LXD Robotics Co., Ltd. forms strategic cooperation with robot system R&D manufacturers of many hi-tech enterprises in Europe, so that the company has stood at a high starting point since the beginning, then developed a series of metal product surface treatment integrated system with independent intellectual property and a new idea according to actual Chinese market, wherein “Robot Polishing and Wiredrawing System” was rated as 2011 Guangdong High-tech Product.
Combining domestic and foreign advanced technology, LXD robot system can be used for various metal materials, plastics and glass in wide application fields, including aerospace, automobiles, motorcycles, medical supplies, bathroom products, building hardware, hand tools, musical instruments, national defense industry, shipbuilding, electronic consumer goods, kitchen wares, sports and health appliances, transportation equipment, environmental protection engineering, furniture, etc.
“LXD Robot Polishing and Wiredrawing System” was rated as 2011 Guangdong High-tech Product, “LXD Robot Automatic Polishing and Wiredrawing System” obtained Guangdong international cooperation project approval, and “Robot Automatic Flexible Precision Coping System” obtained Guangdong small and medium technology-based enterprise technological innovation special fund project approval.
Its main business is robot polishing and other surface treatment projects. The company has excellent technology and R&D team consisting of frontline technical personnel with college degree or above. Most of them have years of experience in robot, and the team is proved to be excellent by multiple projects.
LXD Robotics Co., Ltd. carries out the application of robot surface treatment comprehensive application system in Chinese high-end market. The system makes the robot conduct flexible precision polishing and other applications according to product appearance and achieves automatic, flexible and intelligent production dominated by robot by using practical off-line programming system and measuring and calibration data input module.
But there is still a long way to go! We go all out towards our aim.
A pair of robot lions made by us for 2012 National Informatization and Industrialization Integration Achievement Exhibition caused a great sensation. The lions have brave and fierce, lively and vivid appearance and rich local color of south of the Five Ridges, and vividly represent heroic, mighty and vigorous image of lions in the south of the Five Ridges, and their actions are various, including gallop, movement, dodge, attack, convolution and leap, making people acclaim as the peak of perfection.
In the spirit of “Bravery, Persistence, Challenge”, LXD Robotics Co., Ltd. achieves the integration of informatization and industrialization and coexistence of intellectualization and localization under the guidance of “Wise Guangdong”, continuously shows the spirit of lions in the south of the Five Ridges, and continuously creates new field and new situation of industrial robot application!