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System Software:
Complicated product needs very accurate material sanding application program to make the programming become very difficult and time-consuming. LXD Robotics Co., Ltd. can provide pragmatic off-line programming solutions to meet any specific requirement of customer. Based on R&D of the most advanced off-line programming system and special flexible precision polishing system, we provide the most advanced off-line programming system. Offline programming software
Offline programming software

System functions:
a. Deburr, sand, wiredraw and polish according to appearance;
b. The data input module adopts popular application software including CAD model and 3D scanner and standard tools including CMM and CNC, achieving full robot automation flexible precision polishing;
c. Path sequence selection, automatically building robot walking path;
d. Automatically record operator empirical process and automatically generate path;
e. Unique calibration method to compensate the workpiece deviation between the model and actual work;
f. High simulation of surface treatment process, including periodical assessment before processing.

System Advantages:
a. Saving the cost because of remarkable reduction of stop waiting time;
b. Saving the cost because of very short robot programming time;
c. Making difficult teaching program easy;
d. Without programming single robot program.

Integrated Service:
Our technical team gathers domestic excellent robot application system engineers, robot software development engineers, system design engineers and robot training engineers. By dint of dominant partners, we provide the customers with complete engineering services including the following:
a. System supply services of beforehand consultation, program planning, technical exchange, equipment selection, process formulation, production organization, clamping apparatus design and computer programming;
b. Maintenance guidance, clamping apparatus design, computer programming and other continuous after-sales services;
c. A series of services needed by massive production, such as consumable selection and supply, spare parts supply, technological parameter and production efficiency;
d. Centralized or on-the-job training and assessment of buyer’s technician even robot system spot operation technician.
In a word, the service objective of LXD robot system is all dimension and all function, and is full turnkey project and reassured project.