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Products and Services:
 Foshan Lee Schindler Robot System Co., Ltd. is a robotic automation systems integrators, trademark registration: LXD and LXD-INTEC. Company specializes in the surface treatment industry (grinding, polishing, mercerization) robot applications as well as for other purposes, such as welding (TIG, MIG / MAG, laser welding), go to the glitch, spraying, handling robot applications.
Product Features:
 Lee Schindler robot flexible precision grinding systems, also called polishing system, a standardized modular, compact design, simple operation interface extremely reliable robot system.
The system includes a heavy-duty welded chassis, robot, storage trays, polishing workstation composed the core design of the system is the the advanced integral pressure control system, working pressure can be implemented on different points on the workpiece through programming. Pressure control to ensure product surface ministries handling consistently and accurately control the polishing material wear compensation system in the device prior to shipment, and system calibration can be quickly and easily installed and can be moved at any time in the future. need only minor adjustments.
In the surface treatment industry, the system can be used in various metal materials (such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper), plastic and glass.

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